Taxidermy for beginners

Taxidermy for beginners

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Patrick Barkham gets a hands-on lesson in the art of taxidermy, and gives a deceased squirrel a new lease of life.

Warning: this video contains graphic imagery of dead animals

20 Responses to Taxidermy for beginners

  1. ฬเรק ςђเll

    I only stuff animals i find dead on the road… there are many birds and one squirrel

  2. Cole Lanning

    I’m 12 and want to get into it. I go squirrel hunting with my grandpa and we can easily get some squirrels. Recently I shot my first deer it was a big doe and I had it mounted and it turned out great and I want to be able to do my grandpas and my own deer in the coming years. Any recommendations?

  3. Wooly Bling Puppy

    Someday when I get rich, I want to have a squirrel chess set. Little squirrels for the pawns. Burly squirrels for the knights. Etc. King and Queen squirrels would be the big fatso lumpy ones, the biggest ones. They could also be wearing medieval stuff and have swords and whatever.

  4. Gabi Murray

    wouldnt it be better to tan the skin first?

  5. Macs Jee

    Cool video! I'm interested in making my own taxidermy animals so this pointed me in the right direction

  6. Tania louise Welch o'leary

    Cajun anyone!!

  7. The Maker Shoppe

    can you really use a heat gun on the skin instead of drying it out with borax?

  8. Яemiau Columbine

    It is really that simple??

  9. Яemiau Columbine

    It is really that simple??

  10. Taylor Dodd

    4:59 "and we can have him holding a little nut or something" xD

  11. alex rowan

    For those that don't believe taxidermy has a place in society or is inhumane, you must not understand the benefits properly. Of course there are hunters and taxidermists that go against the law like anything really but the majority do it out a love and connection with nature and wildlife and do so for better reasons than just to mount an animal – the skin is seen as a by-product of whatever the initial purpose was be it food; population control etc. Whilst you'd rather fill your homes with plastic based or man made materials to decorate or clothe yourself in such materials (which I believe has more impact on the environment and animal life) while whining on about on youtube or social media that this isn't humane- remember these people are the ones who are really engaging with different species and learning about the natural world.

  12. RowanIsAccelerating

    this is wrong… I'd like to see someone get their insides ripped out and turned into a display… this is inhumane

  13. TheCatFan21

    Is it just me or is the soft-spoken awkward host making this video far more uncomfortable than it needs to be? Not sure if there's a way for city folks to go into a project like this with confidence, but still. Lol.

  14. Pyre Grim

    After done with the taxidermy are you allowed to keep the left overs?

  15. hfvkhnml

    You killed the squirrel to make this video. Now that's what I call human pieces of shit

  16. John Smith

    restored some dignity to him? what? shooting him in the face, skin him then shoving him on a stump?, taxidermy is fucking weird

  17. Pinkus Dean

    Is it weird that I want a taxidermed? animal

  18. kawaiigaming 10

    This is tereble I'm just a kid and I was whatching the cube smp and I got here I love animals

  19. Kim Battaglia

    The squirrel got beads shoved in it's eye socket!

  20. Sarah Skywalker


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