Taxidermy dogs at Dan’s great uncle’s house

Dan reminisces about how his great uncle, a farmer from Norfolk, would taxidermy his faithful dogs after they died.

Source: Radio Show, 8 December 2013
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Phil: So Danielle who requested that had a stuffing machine. Didn’t your uncle have a stuffed dog?
Dan: Ah, you mean my great-uncle from Norfolk?
Phil: Yes.
Dan: Yep, the farmer. Er, when his dogs, his faithful dogs that helped with the sheep, er, died, he, erm…had them taxidermied. Yes. So, you’d go into his lounge—
Phil: Oh no!
Dan: —and there would be, just, a collie. And there was one that was just standing fully, just like, upright, looking at you as you entered the room, which always made me jump, and then he made another one into a throw that he put over the sofa.
Phil: So—
Dan: So he’d— he’d make you sit down, on the sofa, and he’d be like, ‘D’you want a tea?’ And you’d be like, ‘Yeah,’ and then next to your face would be a DOG’S HEAD. And to him, it wasn’t creepy. It was just, you know, ‘The dog served me well, I’m gonna keep the dog and put it on my sofa, in my house, ’cause it was a good dog.’ But I was just like…no. No.
Phil: As a child that must have been so damaging.
Dan: Hey, if he had a stuffing machine though, he could’ve just poofed her right up!
Phil: Yeah, he could have.
Dan: Don’t pay for taxidermy. Yeah.
Phil: And on that note…again, this is a weird show today—

10 Responses to Taxidermy dogs at Dan’s great uncle’s house

  1. claire

    I've had collies all my life and now I'm just imagining a throw of my dog on our sofa…oh god

  2. K

    My collie mix would definitely make a good throw lol

  3. Mille

    How tf do they keep coming up with those anecdotes, jesus christ! In awe rn.

  4. saffysaffyrocks

    I mean in some ways it's quite sweet but v disturbing

  5. Queen Of The Kastle

    I love how Phil remembered that

  6. Dot

    that's not good

  7. SomeoneBeginingWithI

    omg this is amazing

  8. fionne

    I don't even know what I feel about that

  9. savsworld

    That's creepy as hell

  10. sara :/

    wow im actually first

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