Taxidermy Deer Head Time Lapse

This is a time lapse of John mounting the buck he shot that he filmed himself shooting with his phone.

19 Responses to Taxidermy Deer Head Time Lapse

  1. Acylast

    Do you do the sculpt that you put the skin on yourself?

  2. wolfis ward

    what tools, resins and glues did you use to do this deer taxidermy can you please list them as I am investing in some more tools.. Thanks

  3. Turf Dreamin and other adventures

    You're a master of your craft!

  4. kadrik0

    Amazing work. I knew it was tricky but I had no idea how much work can go into mounting a head. Roughly how many hours does it take to put it together?

  5. Jesus Christ

    "turkey boy is gay"

  6. Jordan Jacob

    do you use the real hide

  7. Mary Jackson

    mine didn't turn out that way :/

  8. Michael Sheldon


  9. HornHustler

    Awesome video I can see why I pay so much for my mounts now =P. definitely an art

  10. Good Drugs Farm

    Thanks I really liked this!

  11. Bill

    Top notch work


    Awesome job!

  13. Tess The Mess

    Your hard work really shows. Fantastic work.

  14. jason reyes

    so this is how its done.i always thought the way of making it is preserving the whole deer head and i was wrong

  15. Mitchel Rager

    This is awesome! I never knew how this was done 🙂 happy hunting!

  16. Kyle Campbell

    You sir are an artist. Beautiful work and I watched the hunt too. Nicely done.

  17. TehVizionz

    Hey Dan I actually live in New Jersey and I've been looking for sheds since March and have only found 2 dead head bucks, do u have any suggestions on where I should look for sheds the most?

  18. Varminter Magazine

    Amazing work!

  19. Captain Bowman

    Thanks for putting that out and a fantastic work of art.

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