Taxidermy Cape Prep: Ears-Nose-Lips

Game Head Taxidermy: A complete and quick taxidermy class on cape preparation for the hunter, guide and taxidermist. Emphasis on the ears, nose and lips. A great amount of how-to information, common sense and plenty of inside tips, tricks and knowledge! The serious wilderness hunter can learn the more important things he or she needs to know to prepare and preserve the cape for a quality game head mount. The information given here is suitable for ALL capes. Including, deer, elk, moose, caribou, sheep, goat, bear, hog, African & Asian game. Thank you for watching!

5 Responses to Taxidermy Cape Prep: Ears-Nose-Lips

  1. Jean Myers

    i am not sure what you mean but seems like i need to do all the work before i hand this hide and my money to get this mount i understood i need to get the animal fresh and whole and thats why i pay so much let me know if i am thing wrong

  2. TJ Jones

    Thanks a lot for the video. I now finished the coons ears and nose. The nose is a big pain but i agree with you the scalpel makes getting into tight areas easyer. Anyone that doesn't own a scalpel and wants one amazon sells there #3 handle with 100 blades for around $10 as of now. The stainless handle isn't perfectly rust proof but thats what i use. Cheap and no need to sharpen the blades just take off and put a new one on. You get 100 blades. Hahaha

  3. TJ Jones

    Crap im working on a coon i shot two days ago and all i did was scrape off the meat and fat and salt it figuring that its cold out side that cartledge won't rott that quick. Im storing it in a shed outside. The outside air is only up to maybe 40 degrees at peek and drops to 31ish at night. Im gonna run out there and quick try to split it. Thanks for talking about hair slippage that is my biggest concern in the first few days while I salt it. Thanks again thumbs up on the video!

  4. Michael Wright

    Good video. Wish there had been a little closer camera work and that the demonstration would have used the tools an average hunter will have in the field (i.e. no ear spreader, no scalple, etc)

  5. buckfight

    Excellent, Thank you for sharing. I'm a beginner at taxidermy and this will help me out! Thanks again!

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