Taxidermy Brought to Life in Amazing Photos | Exposure

Robert Clark’s taxidermy photos offer a remarkable look at preserved animals and shed light on the changing role of taxidermy in the modern age. Clark captured the photos for a feature in National Geographic magazine.
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PRODUCERS: Shannon Sanders and Spencer Millsap
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Taxidermy Brought to Life in Amazing Photos | Exposure

National Geographic

20 Responses to Taxidermy Brought to Life in Amazing Photos | Exposure

  1. Acylast

    Its okay if the animal died of natural causes. But if I mean if you kill it JUST TO TAXIDERMY, its wrong.

    Stop crying, grow up. Its a thing you should learn.

  2. MP P

    You can also go to the zoo

  3. Taxidermy Mount

    Hello everyone, very interesting video, cognitive!
    Also you can see Central Europe and Africa on this site

  4. Sub Anime


  5. Mulatto Mann

    Too many crybabies in the comment section

  6. Asotdaze

    I used to think taxidermy was creepy but now i have learned to appreciate it. I really wanted to stuff my dead dog but I know I will have to freeze him and send him to usa to be stuffed because there isnt a taxidermy place in my country, sadly I can't afford that. I love my boy so much but age got him, I still miss his smell and his soft fluffy fur. I would give anything to have him back.. :'(

  7. Senk Yoghurt

    Welcome, idiots. Comment away about animal abuse.

  8. ho2cultcha

    yeah, keep an open mind, but it's also important to acknowledge that none of these reasons really justifies the killing of these animals. you mention that some of them died of natural causes, but you also MUST acknowledge that many were killed in order to taxidermy them.

  9. Endezeichen Grimm

    This is fuckin strange…..

  10. dhayalan silamban

    Nice collectio

  11. KiddPenn

    I just can't stand it when hunters mount their kills on the wall like a sick trophy. But if it's not a killed trophy & more out of respectful remembrance or scientific preservation it's okay. I used to draw & paint the taxidermied animals in the Chicago Field Museum exhibit all the time. It's a good option when there aren't resources for a giant well-managed zoo. I think keeping a taxidermied pet is super creepy, but at least it has loving intentions & the animals weren't killed. I'd say let the pets return to the earth, old photos & videos are good enough. But that's me..

  12. The Girl With The Platypus Hat

    I think that as long as an animal dies naturally without being hunted, or in the case of a pet who was in so much pain had to be put down, I think it's okay then to be able to have this done. And to the people saying that "go to a zoo" you can't see a freaking extinct animal in a zoo, and some zoos mistreat their animals, or they have no zoo near where they live so they go to a museum. Taxidermy is sometimes considered creepy, but some people just want to be able for people to see an animal that might not be around one day, or in the case of pets, they want the comfort of their best friend still being there. It's weird in ways, but to them it's not.

  13. Zyzyzx Zyzer

    Stuffed carcasses surely are creepy.

  14. FαιтнfυlLρѕ

    They kill baby elelphants, dumb idiots

  15. Humble Dandelion

    I hope these animals died of natural causes…

  16. Sophia Chau

    I don't understand why people are so worked up about this. The animals died of natural causes, and these people are trying to preserve animals in time that might soon go extinct.

  17. Jimmy Rustles

    My jimmies…

  18. randy-bo-bandy

    hey jim the tickets to africa are slowly dying down why is that. idk tom i think its because people shoot all the animals and just bring them to the people

  19. JAY O

    go to the fuckin zoo,,,,killing animals that are in the wild imo is wrong in every way

    yes years ago fair enough,,but nowadays it is wrong if you want to edcudate people just bring them to the zoo,,not kill them and stuff them,,its just wrong in my opinion

  20. hidde meurs

    This is sad

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