Taxidermy Albino Raccoon

Got my Albino Coon back and made a review video on him.
Caught him last year in a duke dogproof with Beaver Creek Dogproof Bait and homemade fish oil around the set.

Dogproof bait

8 Responses to Taxidermy Albino Raccoon

  1. Screwy The Angel Dragon

    Wow my uncle has a albino raccoon too! He said he was gonna give it to me just like he gave me his life size bobcat this is kinda weird for a young kid to have taxidermied animal in my room but I really like taxidermy!


    That's one of the coolest things I've seen brother.

  3. Heith Gagnon

    very cool…

  4. brian minnick

    don't look albino to me
    would love to see pictures of it freshly killed or alive.looks like a blonde coon.

  5. Wade Wittman

    Nice mount Jake! I've never seen an albino coon before so thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Todd's Backwoods Living!

    Very neat! Never seen one of those!

  7. Palmetto Purist

    Very nice! Great looking mount. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Davido Dorito

    that's badbut

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