(CC) Ship from anywhere.

11 Responses to TAXIDERMY ALASKA! (CC)

  1. Joe Bloggs

    Cool,I want the bear

  2. William Ager

    Thank you for posting this video. Roger passed away on May 27, 2015.

  3. Freda Bradley

    Hello it s country freda from alabama how are you doing ? Hope all is good in Alaska

  4. yvonneost12

    I don't think people realise the work these people do on these animals , I think its terrific.


    beutiful,job….i like

  6. Red Smitty

    I like all those skulls.
    Keep "Livin' Outdoors"

  7. Eric Ray

    @gyrperegrine Roger said he has not seen one himself and in the bird book it says they are uncommon to rare.

  8. steve vallance

    great introduction to your studio, I just stumbled upon it. Unrelated question. I am a licensed falconer here in California, so I am pro-hunting, just a different manner. As you are probably keen to the wildlife in your area, I am curious, do you see many Gyrfalcons living in your part of the State?

  9. Anthony Gonzalez

    This is a great video….why doesnt it have more veiws lol

  10. Eric Ray

    @55elvistcb That sounds great! Would love to hear ur songs 🙂

  11. Freda Bradley

    well iam not in to hunting just writing songsbut my brothes and their son do hunt and fish so ill send yall some old songs i wrote

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