Tarantula Taxidermy – How to preserve a dead animal (Poecilotheria metallica)

Preserving a dead tarantula is fairly easy, but long process. You can see my first attempt and maybe learn from it. Update after it dries.
The tarantula species is Poecilotheria metallica (Gooty sapphire)

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19 Responses to Tarantula Taxidermy – How to preserve a dead animal (Poecilotheria metallica)

  1. Rami Ramkė

    Your videos are so intresting, pretty much enjoying them all the time. I own some tarantulas too. 🙂 You are the best youtuber about this kind of species! Love you! <3

  2. Slappy Stapley

    Hey have you ever thought about setting them in resin?

  3. MaQuGo119

    Please fast! How can I preserve a big ass spider? i think it may be a Nephila of some sort!

  4. Oka Widiarsana

    Cool! I have almost zero experience with tarantula but try to get a scissor. idk maybe it's better to use scissor

  5. Ryan Harrington

    I'm just saying you seem pretty unsure love yourself when doing this LOL

  6. Ryan Harrington

    You know there's like 10 other Taxidermy on trantula videos on YouTube right

  7. kalloused

    Wait, aren't Poecilotheria metallica supposed to be really Blue? How come your is a dull brown? Did it just lose all it's color on death? Also how the hell did you GET a Poecilotheria metallica? It's like one of the most endangered species of spider in the world. They are found in like a 100 square km area of India.

  8. Fantasies By Juls

    Off the bat, I told everyone that my Tarantula was going to be taxidermed. Every (salvaged) molt will be saved and then I can show everyone much little Frankey has grown.

  9. Dæmon Græyson

    This was beautifully disgusting… and that's definitely a complement a didn't think I'd ever say

  10. Rushikesh Pawal

    So sad about dead tarantula

  11. Geyote Pilkington

    This was the worst video to watch while eating.

  12. joanna freedom

    You need little cuticle sissies for your cutting. They are sharp and probably a good size for this task

  13. Firmicute s

    so. id dont know how the tissue would react to alcohol but if you have something to test you could also dehydrate it after taking it part by putting it in alcohol- ideally start with 30% alcohol 70% water, then 50% alcohol, then 70% alcohol (which kills a lot of bacteria) and then after a few minutes into 100% alcohol. this will help dehydrate the body and then you can let it dry out much faster

  14. Firmicute s

    it broke down because freezing it makes litte crystals form that rip apart the tissue- to avoid that you either have to freeze it super fast or with a specific chemical that avoids crystallization

  15. Firmicute s

    okay so for the abdomen you can take a small scissor- like there is one like for nails but its made to cut thick skin like from callouses. its easier to punctuate it and you can then lift it and cut it open without damaging organs inside it.
    I'd also recommend to always take a new blade- you can take a razor blade and make a grip for it so you can hold it without hurting yourself. Razor-blades are far sharper and therefore better for this sort of stuff,

  16. Spokane Survival Training and education

    You make me feel good to be a spider keeper

  17. Leah Hadley

    Super interesting. If not for my fear of spiders I'd like to give it a try. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. Marc Cenen Echaluce

    i like insects and bugs

  19. Muiz Osman

    apparently i was eating bread with chocolate when i watched this 5:02

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