Tarantula on its DEATHBED and PRESERVATION

Ceratogyrus darlingi (Rear-horned Baboon)

This was a matured male that died of old age.
Male tarantulas that mature out don’t live very long after.

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16 Responses to Tarantula on its DEATHBED and PRESERVATION

  1. Alexis Hard

    If my tarantula died I would ball my eyes out. I let him crawl all over me and I’m 11

  2. Matthew Original

    Rest in peace

  3. Marve Gollub

    Rip little buddy… 🙁

  4. Jason Sgames

    R.I.P little guy

  5. dickbutt b

    Prayers to his death! I love spiders i would hate to see one die like this!

  6. Logan Oliver

    how does it feel to hold a tarantula
    lol sry btw

  7. Roisin Conway

    I HATE spiders but that one is cute and I feel sorry for you

  8. Task Reflex

    We will miss you little buddy

  9. Tangy Gaming

    sorry for your lost m8 keep up the vids!

  10. Nero exe

    Im afraid of them but im sorry for you 🙁

  11. John Cena

    "Theres nothing I can do for him :(" pokes him with pencil

    youre great mate xDDD

  12. SwagLife1900 10

    Sorry to hear that

  13. BowBuddy Playz

    How does it feel to not being able to ever pick him up or feeling their rough/soft body until you finally can, when they're dead…

  14. Tessa Caldwell

    i'm so sorry

  15. Anna Harnedy

    Aw poor little guy, Rest In Peace lil buddy

  16. Spit on him bruddahs

    I’m so sorry.. my cat just died of eating disorders at 12 today I really hope your tarantula rests well..

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