Tales from the crypt S01E06 Collection Completed FULL

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18 Responses to Tales from the crypt S01E06 Collection Completed FULL

  1. Dante Sperato

    Whoever recorded this sucks no sound half the show

  2. Major Ego

    Felt bad for the animals.

  3. Inyo Mama

    Wakanda marriage they had damn just shit in front of her

  4. Elvis Prestley

    That TV show with the doberman that has the spirit of elvis was priceless listen to it . When crabby was watchin tv

  5. Seletha Mccray

    That's the lady from threes company

  6. MrLordJagi

    The volumes missing in some scenes

  7. Angela Longinidis

    If that guy was my husband i would hate my life

  8. Marlyce W

    Did the sound keep going off?

  9. dark.demon .queen

    The sound is all messed up

  10. TheSlimification1

    Those audio pauses are annoying as fuck

  11. PsychoFit Nerd

    what the hell is up with the audio, it constantly cuts in and out

  12. mrt57rn

    The sound is screwed up.

  13. vargo hoat

    the audio cutting out ruins it, sorry, shitty upload but thanks anyway

  14. Kristen Guadiano

    What's up with that sound?!

  15. Violet Raven クリスタル

    I'd love to have a wife like her.

  16. Desi Moe

    That lady was a damn nut.

  17. Simon Randall

    He just needs the old blade runner back.

  18. Jessica Pisetsky

    Mrs. Roper, how I've missed you! Three's Company is never on reruns anymore. I thought her character had more depth & great lines, or the set up for the line. She looks younger here than in that show too, must be the hair? Underrated talent, I give her applause!

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