Swordfish Taxidermy Expert Dave Kustra – S02 E02 Dakus Bones

Rush and Ali head out in the Florida Keys bottom fishing with new friend and expert fish taxidermy specialist Dave Kustra from Dakus Bones. First commissioned to mount Ali and Rushs’ 498lb swordfish from last season to taxidermy the bones out of their swordfish. The guys invite Dave down to the Keys to fish in Rush’s backyard where they learn more about the fascinating world of taxidermy, fish skeletons and Dakus Bones new popular trophy mounts.

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S02 E02 Dakus Bones FULL EPISODE

Rush Maltz
Ali Hussainy
Dave Kustra

Produced By:
Micheal Torbisco

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3 Responses to Swordfish Taxidermy Expert Dave Kustra – S02 E02 Dakus Bones

  1. Christopher Bingle

    Was gonna say everything big you fight it from the rod holder but see him fight stand up at the end tbh I recon a straight but rod would be better as it looked like he was struggling with the reel right out In front should watch blacktip h videos and fight them like that just looks easier

  2. ron anderson

    Rush- looks like you're a penn guy! Spin Fisher III's , Torques, etc. what are the rods you're using?

  3. German Gonell

    what line are you guys using on your Penn slammer hook a fan up on a fishing trip I'm from the Miami area ..

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