Sushi, taxidermy and art shows all in one.

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10 Responses to Sushi, taxidermy and art shows all in one.

  1. WellTurnedOut

    Awesome day out! Cant wait to get to SF 🙂 Love how the art show was about death and my viwer was number 666, hilarious :p

  2. LG

    YUM! That key lime pie looked so good! 🙂 Maybe you can get the recipe? and pass it a long to us! We just got one of those yogurt places here! I tried it out this week! it was a nice treat! I didn't feel bad eating it! HAHAHA

  3. Mallory Brady

    Watching this makes me miss home sooooo muuuucccchhh !!!(Currently stuck in the Midwest) Except the traffic. I don't miss the traffic, lols

  4. CarlaM

    Looks like it was a fun day, despite the heat. Pretty cool car washing place!! And the pie looked delicious!! *Happy Birthday to Lonny's dad!*

  5. classyclio

    I've got frozen yogurt envy right now haha!!!

  6. Chandra Stone

    If you ever get the chance, and if lonny would let you, will you do a video on lonny's tattoos, or maybe a blog post. i know you probably cant show all of them, but i love tattoos and im really interested in what his style is and what he has. and will you ask him which one is his favorite tattoo? and how many does he think he has LOL!

  7. 4theluvofmakeup

    I tweeted you that I had never seen sushi and taxidermy in the same sentence before. Lol. I love SF and so can't wait to go back for a visit. You're right…it's so dang cold there. Enjoyed the vlog! Happy Sunday.

  8. Marie Grégoire

    California is my dream you're so lucky to live there!


    I love this video! SF looks beautiful! I wish I could visit. Btw, the woman with the 'spider look a like' what did she do when she raised her arm? haha, is it just me or does it seem like she gave you the finger? 😛

  10. mthoneybee

    That dog looked just like Spider… crazy.

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