Suki’s 1st Anniversary! (Perpetual Motion)

Today’s video is a special celebration of our first year with Suki the Dog! Special thanks to Kate Derr of Bonaparte’s Retreat for turning me on to “positive reinforcement” dog training, to Emmylou Harris and Kate for rolling the dice on a rare long distance adoption, and to Leigh Siegfried of Opportunity Barks for her training assistance, as we continue to improve Suki’s citizenship. The music is an excerpt from Paganini’s “Perpetual Motion” as transcribed by Bill Leavitt. The guitar is the Proulx RBL.

6 Responses to Suki’s 1st Anniversary! (Perpetual Motion)

  1. Arnold Lausch

    Suki sure reminds me of our Rosie, who had her 13th birthday in April. She still liked to lead the pack on our morning walks.

  2. Rolly Brown

    Thanks, Trish, your little description described Suki to a tee. I didn't want to mention you in the "credits" because former clients of yours might see the video, but we sure appreciate your support in looking after the kids.
    Rol, Jan, et arf.

  3. tjsinpa

    Suki Suki Suki! Happy Anniversary! You hit the adoption jackpot (and Jan and Rolly feel the same!) A furry bundle of love, inquisitiveness, and energy! Always willing to please, protect, obey, play and love! You make me laugh with your antics, warm my heart with your snuggling… (and wear me out with your exuberance! LOL!) It is an absolute honor and privilege to be your Nanny! Love and belly rubs to you and Django!

  4. Rolly Brown

    Amen, and arf.

  5. Trombonology Erstwhile

    A guitar player and a dog lover: great combination.

  6. Tom Dietz

    Rolly's posting today celebrates the first anniversary of his adopted dog Suki being with him. Nice!

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