Stuffed Cat Hellicopter / Quadcopter – create a custom vape box mod!

20 Responses to Stuffed Cat Hellicopter / Quadcopter

  1. Random Techpriest

    What the fuck is this fresh hell?

  2. SomethingCool51

    It even purrs

  3. Matthew Montalvo

    That's enough internet for today.

  4. Nathan Tomlins

    i tried to do this with my cat and it wouldnt let me nail the helicopter wings and it was bloody af. the circuitry got ruined. how did you do this?

  5. Dhanvantri Moella

    It was funny but are you sure the cat like that…

  6. Julius Adriano

    Insert Swat Kats theme

  7. Cloгох Вleacн

    usually I do not like this, but the position of the cat cannot make me stop laughing, it is hilarious.

    If you say you don't even have a brief sneer, you don't have a sense of humour, dark humour to be specific.

  8. MultiBeast FPV

    See something new everyday. Jesus

  9. MrKaypwnz

    Fuck you mom do the same with her

  10. Cosmo

    have science gone too far?

    [yes] [yes]

  11. MrUranium238

    rocket car for my cat

  12. Blossom Josh

    Oh good it's a stuffed cat

  13. the fat guy from toy story 2

    Hey, Vsauce- Michael, here!

  14. King Jeronimous Lum

    Ya, but birds are now filing harassment and wrongful death suits.

    They see that sucker coming and the go into cardiac arrest & its all she wrote –

     Sometimes you can see 'em falling out the sky. They just drop like stones.

    Real sad.

  15. devỊldoll

    For anyone who doesn't know,
    This cat was hit by a car. He did not kill his pet.
    The cat was named Orville, after Orville Wright (Wright Brothers)
    Which is how he came up with the idea of turning the cat into a quadcopter.
    This is not animal cruelty.

  16. Celestia Ludenburg

    That's amazing.

  17. Channel 69 (The YouTube Poop Network)

    Russell Howard brought me here!

  18. Gangst3r4ever

    I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing I'm sick I know

  19. Blubber Blub

    you guys wanna see my drone?

  20. A Green Squid Kid

    Hey Fluffy, what should we do with your remains when you die?
    Turn me into a Quadcopter, Master

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