Stuffed Animal Head Trophies

I take some thrift store stuffed animals and mount them like hunting trophies.

This project was for Makers Care:

It’s a charitable effort headed by Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals:

This is a follow up of sorts to my Elmo video:

I’ll show you how to do this, tell you about a few problems along the way and share some tips too.

I like to make things, and remake things.

Here are some tools you’ll frequently see in my shop, and affiliate links to buy on Amazon:
Milwaukee 18v Drill and Driver combo:
Milwaukee 18v Circular Saw:
Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer:
3M Respirator:
Safety Glasses:
Titebond II Wood Glue:

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20 Responses to Stuffed Animal Head Trophies

  1. KSFWG

    LMAO the entire video! I think this project is so cool that it's going to go to the top of Gifts-To-Make list! I can see giving one of these to a friend of mine. I'll probably add an inexpensive engraved brass plated name plate with the date of giving it to one of my friends. LOL

  2. CoffeeWithTheCynic

    Fantastic video. I have three Tyrannosaurus hand puppets that I'm repainting and wasn't quite sure how to mount them properly but this vid is going to help out a lot.

  3. Cj Bell

    good video. Thanks!

  4. Mr Spectacular

    Ever think to varnish them? Gives it a real "Trophy Room" feel!

  5. Dan The Maker Man

    Pretty damn funny Andrew.

  6. sdmcustom woodworking

    lol very cool

  7. Michael Lawing

    Sooooo soooo good!

  8. Jackman Works

    Disclaimer: project not approved by Tim Sway 😉

  9. tim sway

    As a strict vegetarian/animal rights supporter, I have to share my disapproval for glorifying trophy hunting, but since you wore a shirt with my son's name on it the whole time, it kinda balances stuff out. You're forgiven (and that was fun 🙂

  10. Make Crazydays

    You sir are horrible…. horribly funny.

  11. MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas

    Perfect for a baby, man cave.

  12. BCDesign

    Awesome work!mount the body on the back of the door on another mount like hunters do sometimes!

  13. Markus Hoffmann

    This is so hilarious, I love it. But I guess my three girls would throw me out of the house for doing this…

  14. Brian Prusa

    This is a lovely room of death. Take care now, bye bye then.

  15. Geeksmithing

    Why are my favorite videos of yours the ones where you Jack Bower torture stuffed critters?:)

  16. RemyMovies

    Really fun,kinda reminds me of the Elmo one though.

  17. Bruce A. Ulrich

    They turned out cool. I could definitely see something like this in a nursery or something. Good video!

  18. Chris The Wheeler

    Very funny. I love it. Going to have to make myself one now. As if I didn't have enough projects already.

  19. Wood Crafted

    Great idea man! Had a good laugh too. Thanks!

  20. Tom P

    Great idea for a great charity. Well done and hilarious!!

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