Step 23~ Red Fox ~ How to Create a Look The Head

Taxidermy Brian Hendricks Step 23~ Red Fox ~ How to Create a Look The Head

17 Responses to Step 23~ Red Fox ~ How to Create a Look The Head

  1. GoldenFox 202

    …… how dare you kill an innocent animal

  2. gucci g0at

    Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. Your work is spectacular

  3. PCHP-Hunting

    Hello Brian. Can you please activate the subtitles?

  4. Droopy Titan211

    F*** you

  5. zekehbu

    so many crybabies on this post geez !! wonderful work though man . thank you for preserving the beauty of this animal and letting it live on for years to come . taxidermy is something i long to try … maybe one day lol

  6. Dogcrazyness 123

    Rip lil fox.. poor thing getting poked by needles and stuffed….

  7. Emily Leann

    What all do you use like, materials?

  8. LPS Simba

    I’m crying! I love foxes!

  9. Maya Chan

    Poor fox T^T

  10. neonia hazelwood


  11. Nightofawesomeness

    i thought it was a real fox it looks so real i want it badly i'm a HUGE fan of foxes so i'm making one

  12. Dawn

    they are using real animal pelt

  13. terra saopaulo

    I have trophy head wall a lion 70's that need
    Small paint repairs on the contour of the eyes, nose and mouth (black color)
    Unfortunately, in my country. does not exist service taxidermy.
    My question … What kind of paint do I use to paint the outline of the eyes, every nose and mouth of the lion? (Which does not damage skin)

  14. Mc Doof

    as an interested beginner, how do you cast the moulds for the skull?

  15. Terry Gause

    Your voice sounds like Kurt Russell.

  16. John Bellucci

    Loop head pin with an epoxy handle? Great little adjusting tool! Nice to have a big ol' handle for big ol' hands to hold!

  17. John Bellucci

    It's all about taking the time to do the animal justice. Time and references! Nice video series!

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