Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Meal Mixers Dog Food

Learn about our line of freeze dried raw Meal Mixers and SuperBlends dog food – the perfect toppers or mixers for your kibble. Featuring responsibly sourced ingredients like grass-fed beef these mixers come in many great recipes and are 95% meat, organs and bones. Top your kibble with what dogs want – more meat! You”ll be kickstarting your kibble and making every meal awesome! Additional information available at:

Stella & Chewy’s kibble offers an all-natural feeding solution featuring premium proteins like grass-fed beef and cage-free chicken plus organic fruits and vegetables. All of our recipes are grain free and gluten free, made with the only the good stuff!

Our Meal Mixers are also great for picky eaters. Just top or mix in our mixers with your kibble and you’ll create a mealtime your dog can’t resist!

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