Skinning the Wolf

Wherein Mr. Wolf loses his skin. This specimen was legally obtained through a salvage permit granted by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. It is being used for research and educational purposes.


The Brain Scoop is written and hosted by:
Emily Graslie

Created by:
Hank Green

Directed, Edited, Animated, and Scored by:
Michael Aranda

SPECIAL THANKS TO Liz Bradley for donating the wolf, and to James Goerz and Kari Workman for all of their assistance in this process. You guys are champions.

Extra special thanks to Vítek Zach, Deanna Mavis, Martina Šafusová, Lorena Pimentel Villaça, Jenny Grøterud, Nur Iskandar bin Nuruddinm, Evan Liao, Giulia Mancini, Hervé Saint Raymond, Linamaria Gallegos Mayorga, and Seth Bergenholtz for providing transcripts and translations of the videos. We appreciate it so much!

18 Responses to Skinning the Wolf

  1. Honest C04

    I want a wolf skin to make a wolf coat.


    This is fucked up

  3. Wolfy Mendoza

    You wolf killers

  4. Wolfy Mendoza

    Why skin a wolf wolves are my favourite animals so stop it noobs!!!

  5. Wolfie Evelyn

    Great Job!!

  6. The Wolf

    Literally, fuck you. A wolf would never run on a street, because they are afraid of humans. They only attack humans when they are scared. Reported this video

  7. CourageousSam

    God this made me sicker than I expected. So gross, but yet very interesting.
    Good to know the wolf was hit by a car. And it wasn't even that bloody. But it was SO gross…ughh…
    I think the cheekiness of Emily took away most of my concerns if I would be able to watch it until the end. She was so funny and sassy about her topic. I wished I could be that confident xD I wonder what made her choose that job 😀 Never could I skin anything that had life running through its veins…
    Probs to all of you. You were so careful with that majestic animal. And I hope this video will do its educational job 😉
    I dont't even know why I watched this but it was interesting-

  8. Boy963 Gamer

    Peasant children play with toys,
    But I play with a wolf's leg

  9. Steam Games

    Fuck This the wolf is cute

  10. X N

    The whole video I just said “ewwww” because I never saw this before

  11. Torbjørn Brekke

    This vid is so wonderfully dissonant.

  12. kwaiikittenfox101 #ilovecats&dogs

    Worst video ever disliked so sad

  13. kwaiikittenfox101 #ilovecats&dogs

    Why are y'all doing to this poor wolf y'all are stupid and mean

  14. Marco Santiago Ocariza

    10:45 That's what she said 😉

  15. MER DO

    That’s a great work!

  16. bailey vlogs

    R u killing that poor thing???

  17. Elizabeth Jones

    Can you send me a whole tanned wolf address : 14825 glenmark dr. Edmond oklahoma


    Nooooo poor Wolf you are BAD!!!

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