skinning and fleshing a walleye fish taxidermy fishstuffer

drawing a pattern and skinning and fleshing a walleye skin mount

20 Responses to skinning and fleshing a walleye fish taxidermy fishstuffer

  1. FoxGod


  2. Ryan Nguyen

    It's so quick it reminds me of a how to basic video

  3. The Pennywise Angler

    Anyone know the name of the tool used at 2:55? Also, what is the zinc sulfate for? Sorry if these are dumb questions, I'm still fairly new to taxidermy.

  4. Rachael Groombridge

    Very interesting! But the camera motion makes me queasy.

  5. Tricia Allen

    My grandfather had a walleye done up and I have always wondered how it was done. Now I know

  6. Madame Velvet the Dutchie

    do you eat the fish after you cut the meat out?


    Dude u are bad to the bone awesome job

  8. Melanye Rodriguez

    The sounds are so satisfying

  9. Samantha Nickolds

    this is an art of sum kind if you can do anything like this man is doing

  10. Maddie Cheshire Cat

    How do you have the stomach for this?

  11. Gmoney Records

    Fish are so ugly when there naked like that. Lol nice job though

  12. danna491

    Lol I loved the sounds

  13. MrPear

    Why the fuck am i watching this kind of stuff

  14. Duncan F.

    Great video, but maybe next time set the camera up stationary? Kinda hard to see what all you're doing with it and you moving so fast. 🙂

  15. matt matney

    What's up with the shiner in his mouth

  16. PiranhaWhisperer

    do you need a license to do this for your own shop..? can I do it amateur and make a profit?

  17. TechnoZombie

    why the fuck am I watching this at 3 o'clock in the morning? I don't even like fish 🙁

  18. phillip hall

    I noticed that a couple guys already ask the following question but I didn't see your answer. A guy from Memphis Tn . Taught me to mount largemouth bass back in 1981 his name was Charles Strunk he was a noted taxidermist nation wide. He was the instructed for a continuing education class at Memphis State. I have tried to recall my memory what he told us to put in the bath and I just can't remember. I did remember borax, and I was thinking salt been so long ago that I just can't remember . So I am going to ask you also what did you put in the bath?

  19. whild C

    +Andrew Annulis. That was the cheek meat which is the best part to eay on a walleye

  20. Superior Fly Company

    the cheeks are good eatin

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