Skinning a Raccoon Foot for Taxidermy

Skinning a roadkill raccoon’s toes for taxidermy can be difficult – certainly moreso than skinning the paws of other critters. So here is a trick I’ve learned for making things a bit easier! Pardon the focus problems – my volunteer has never shot with my camera before and didn’t know that it is entirely manual.

8 Responses to Skinning a Raccoon Foot for Taxidermy

  1. Ariel Miller

    Aha! Punk! Leave it to you to provide the skinning video I was desperately searching for. Thanks for this! 🙂

  2. Jean Myers

    also your camera person did great not sure any of my friends would even help me do that GOOD JOB VOLENTEER

  3. Jean Myers

    amazing video and i love that you use road kill first thing i hate something killed for its fur or hide second with all the road kill why not use it if you try with roadkill and dont do we mounting it the animal did not die for you to try i think you are so cool

  4. Cece Ziehl

    Would it be impossible to skin an animal for taxidermy and keep all of the bones for skeleton articulation? The last phalanxes in the phalanges end up staying in the foot right? Because claws are attached to bone.

  5. Bear_Bottom Basin Farm

    Great stuff. Thank you!

  6. Samy Ismael

    Do you use a preservative on the ends of the toes?

  7. Makme Asandwich

    Hello NaturePunk! If you see this, please respond if you can. 🙂  I know there are several different ways of taxidermy, as I've noticed people do this in all different sorts of ways. But the way your creations come out are just flawless, beautiful. The skin looks so soft and not firm or tough or anything. And I was wondering, if you don't mind, telling me which out of the many methods you use, and what to/not to look for in your roadkill?  

  8. Morgan Macconnell

    nice job, did the same thing but with a seal paw.

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