Shocking & Disturbing Taxidermy Fails

These Disturbing World’s Worst Taxidermy Fails Will Shock You!

According to Wikipedia, “Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals for display (e.g., as hunting trophies or museum display) or for other sources of study (like species identification) or simply the preservation of a beloved pet.” But, what you guys probably didn’t know before is that this process is actually highly complex, and only a few capable professionals can do it perfectly… and that’s definitely not the case with the stuffed animals we’re about to show you. Here is a hilarious selection of the 30 most disturbing taxidermy fails that are guaranteed to shock you. Enjoy!
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13 Responses to Shocking & Disturbing Taxidermy Fails

  1. Mechasnail !

    1:58 when you smell pizza rolls

  2. Meteorite's sound

    1:46 sauron's eye

  3. Arianaxo

    I have taxidermy phobia..wth

  4. YaBoiCarnage

    What are half these things even soposed to be!

  5. perry mackay

    1:42 actually isn't that bad

  6. Michael Cottrell

    this video is a fail these taxidermists made their dead pets or their hunted kill how they want them to look like and it's possible photos showed the owners damaged taxidermy animals and they try to repair them best I could so what WTF I'm so tired I can't type this much longer so bye.

  7. bluediamond wolf

    whoever does this is a demon I mean these poor animals probably hunted that most of them are endangered they get turned into THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SICKOS!

  8. Xodapopp



  9. Esther Tuke

    These are perfectly good

    Waste of fur

  10. Black J. Animation

    Omg, that freak me out a little bit

  11. thebutterdemon TM

    dear god what has humanity done!!! 0_0
                                                               '     '
                                                               '      '

  12. Stephen Mitchell

    1:29 XD

  13. cindy yeo

    Yeah I am second

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