Shark taxidermy – Chn 9 News

In January 2018 our Taxidemist, Katrina McCormick, commenced a 12 month project to preserve the skeleton of a 2 metre long Mako shark.

The shark, caught in a fishing net off the coast of Sydney, was one of the first ever to be put through a CT scan. This will allow scientists a 3D look into the anatomy of one of the most feared and misunderstood animals of the sea.

Footage courtesy of Channel 9 News.

2 Responses to Shark taxidermy – Chn 9 News

  1. Mass Debater

    After extensive examination of the CT scan i can confirm the shark is dead

  2. Ai Shi

    Oooooh that would be so cool to see a shark and oceans exhibit to learn about the animals of our seas and oceans.. the kids would love that!

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