Shane Smith Flying Bird Tutorial SD

12 Responses to Shane Smith Flying Bird Tutorial SD

  1. Shawn Groom

    I noticed there's no preservative falling everywhere while handling the skin. Do you use some kind of bird tan?


    Where do I buy this form from Mackenzie I can't find it on the site and I want it. Love how easily you can manipulate everything once mounted

  3. James Hershman

    By far the best instructional video on wing wiring placement  and hip placement .   Very precise in depth , easy to understand video.  Exceptionally  well done!  Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this video.   I will be using those bird bodies.Beautiful mallard mount!

  4. fullstrutn

    SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to alter poses and remain physically accurate with good anatomy

  5. John Bellucci

    Great video tutorial, Shane! Clear and well done!

  6. Jonathan Shirey

    How is the mounting wire attached to the driftwood?

  7. Madame Velvet the Dutchie

    I love watching long videos like this.

  8. fullstrutn

    Very nice looking bodies and good explanation. I also run the wire up into the wrist area .Fantastic showing the wiring .For a bird 1/4'' off from one wing to the next can missalign feathers

  9. Edward Tomlin

    Hey make a Canadian goose form

  10. Richard Smith

    how long do you typically have to flesh a bird after skinning?

  11. phillip hall

    Magnificent !!!! Absoultly amazingly clear and well explained tutorial…. I really appreciate you making this video and I will be trying your manikin just to show my appreciation in return!! Again thank you …. Sincerely Phillip Hall

  12. Anthony Cosby

    Awesome video!!

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