Self Filling Water Bowl for Pets

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In today’s video we’re quenching our pet’s thirst by building a self filling water dish!

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15 Responses to Self Filling Water Bowl for Pets

  1. surpreme leader ren

    So nate has a dog?

  2. Dziwa Kids

    Thanks for making this video you are the best king of random

  3. MaxGoGaming

    I bought one of these in pet smart but actually this way is cheaper

  4. Cristal Osoria

    The dog is so cute

  5. Flamer Gamer

    I watched the video for the dog

  6. Darnell Jendrick

    You guys are awsome and I love watching your videos

  7. ryelor123

    That's a pop bottle, not a 'soda' bottle.

  8. Todd McDonald

    not really self filling because at the end of the day you still have to refill something

  9. pavelow36

    this is nice. I can use this for my kids.

  10. Shona Magouyrk

    It would be perfect, for me, if there were some way to keep the water cool for outside animals. It gets very hot, in Alabama

  11. Malia

    Dog vs. Bowl…


  12. Knight Gaming

    Your dog is cute

  13. Billy Boi Vlogs

    Goldie blox copying this

  14. Virginia Bradley

    I have never had electronic but I phone

  15. Autistic Dragonite

    don’t split

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