SEK9 Scent Preservation Family Pak Ad

The new Scent Preservation Family Pak from Scent Evidence K9 is the perfect way to help protect those you love and care for this holiday season. The Family Pak includes (2) of our original scientifically tested Scent Preservation Kits, (2) Child Safety Kits and a Pet Protector Kit for the furry member of your family. Our Scent Preservation Kits are easy to use and proven to help K9 Team responders locate loved ones who have gone missing. Whether you have small children, elderly parents or grandparents, or family members with Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia who are at risk for wandering, our Scent Preservation Kits can help find them if they get lost. This holiday season bring home the gift that can bring your loved ones home safely, get the Scent Preservation Family Pak from Scent Evidence K9 today!

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