Saving Baby Kiwis From Extinction | Modern Dinosaurs

The Kiwi (the national symbol of New Zealand) is in danger of becoming extinct without the help of conservationists.

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18 Responses to Saving Baby Kiwis From Extinction | Modern Dinosaurs

  1. TheMangaSwag

    But this is actually quite sad since he got separated from his mother ;'(

  2. ᎠᎪᎡKᎪᎡ 6888

    Omg…The egg is.big…..Please protect them ( they are cute and i will hate to know that they extincti…

  3. Vincent Ivan Tanaya

    "kiwis are originally visitors that decided to stay", sounds familiar..

  4. splash fox

    Is suu cuuuute

  5. Téæ

    I want it.

  6. porks

    the gods are so fucking stupid and insane.

    i want them all burn

  7. affinityforanime

    Such a cool animal.

  8. Ang Bart

    Poor mother kiwi. Dem pussy suck up and whores. For science ma ass when they maken mother kiwi a whore.

  9. youJUstGOTtrolled ****

    and then it was eaten by a snake

  10. Lexi's Veggie Food

    Awe so fluffy

  11. Tink Smith

    Why are they taking it she’s doing just fine doing it herself for gods sake

  12. erkheth

    They're so beautiful! I know it's for the best, but I felt so sorry for the parents. I hope they survive to greater numbers!

  13. zog noty

    fuck human especially my white race,all these destruction for stupid piece of green painted paper

  14. Zagrajmer Amigo

    Yed wnormous IGG

  15. SumDude

    Because if anybody knows what is best for the bird (more so than the rightful parents), it's some FUGLY!! white women who have a history of genocide and lying on their history

  16. Bree 1283

    No wonder they are extinct you keep taking them out of the nest!

  17. EnderHannah

    its like the mix of an emu and a rabbit

  18. Ginger R

    Good doggo at the front of the boat

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