Roy D Mercer – Dead Dog

How Big A Boy Are Ya? Vol 2

12 Responses to Roy D Mercer – Dead Dog

  1. cl0wnbird

    cadillacs on both eyes.

  2. Paul Tanner

    Lmao !!! Eddie G

  3. Chet Needy

    Liberace the Hamster is my all time favorite.

  4. Tim Criswell

    Bunch of fakes, stole their act from Leroy Mercer!!!!

  5. Ralph Wiggum

    It ain't funny I'll tell ya.

  6. jefar amoose

    This is my favorite skit

  7. baler johnson

    RD Mercer rocked the world ..RIP Phil Stone…Had to live in SW Oklahoma and hear them on a clear night on KMOD..Great stuff..historic.

  8. blake suggs

    Cadillacs on both eyes..LOL

  9. p2gee

    …."I got him in the freezer right next to the push pops"….. ROFL!!

  10. ross christian

    "i got me a time life set of ass whoopin over here" lmfao

  11. kahie odum

    Wish they would of just admitted they stole the idea for Roy D Mercer from Leroy Mercer

  12. baler johnson

    I know there are lots of RD Mercer things here on you tube..This is one with no comment.RD Mercer/Phil and Brent from Tulsa Ok. KMOD.."COMMODE" and the morning zoo…ruled our world when we could tune them in on a clear day.They went on to creating best selling comedy album for a few years in a row and never forgot who they were or where they came Phil is gone we all lost a friend.RIP..Phil Stone…You guys are still the best.

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