Rogue Taxidermy Reality Show Sizzle Reel

An old sizzle reel shot back in MN for one of several possible reality shows I was going to do.

4 Responses to Rogue Taxidermy Reality Show Sizzle Reel

  1. Janet Arneau

    You are funny and talented

  2. Takeshi Yamada

    Hi Scott, This long video is far nicer than the shorter one! I especially like the wall mounted taxidermy works behind you.  I hope this film is picked up by a major TV station to start a new rogue taxidermy TV show. I am in the middle of making my official rogue taxidermy website now. Here is the link. Please take a look at it.    Keep in touch.   Dr. Takeshi Yamada, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

  3. Amberlie Voddka

    Still awesome!!

  4. psilocyberspaceman

    That’s totally cool.

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