Robert Boyle’ Flask

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  1. Philip Goymer

    The wire on the table is connected to a pump which makes the experiment seem legitimate.

  2. Jolly Paul

    The Guy who made this video is probably mad!

  3. K Sals

    I study Chemical Engineering, I can tell you with out even seeing a cord that this is fake. Literally impossible, no matter what liquid you use, it will never work, never. I do find it hilarious that he forgot to hide the cord.LOL

  4. Петър Петров

    if the pump is off, Coca Cola will work for several seconds, but the only way to make true perpetual motion is by using liquid helium in controlled environment, where you need energy to keep environment in ins controlled state anyways 🙂

  5. GamingWithJOY

    You Can see the cord! And hear the sound of a pump/motor! Nice try dude!

  6. Hack Codex

    I think you can make free energy using this

  7. King Cazessus

    your gay sell out

  8. Mexi Chemia

    You can take out the energy that was used to carbonate them but not create them, so it isn’t perpetual, it is just until it runs out, if you had pure carbonic acid (which is almost imposible to make chemically) you would have arround 10 minutes before 1L runs out


    Let us all pour his semen into that flask so that he can't have babies anymore

  10. joemck85

    You've missed a golden opportunity here. It's clearly not a perpetual motion machine, but if you adjust the angle on the tubing, you have a totally awesome beer drinking fountain.

  11. g Burro

    Just because I really wanted it to work, I tried this — and, yes — it does not work at all (aside from a thimble or so of liquid being belched out of the tube if no part of the tube is much higher than the upper edge of the "funnel."

    Watching the video again, it is pretty obvious that there is a pump — especially when the liquid all disappears for a moment. (The cord showing during the beer segments is another clue.)

    It is really a shame how many people are willing to waste their time and the time of others by perpetrating hoaxes like this.

  12. Justin Moreno

    The real question is, why is there a delay with the water going through the bottom or the tube in sure liquid does not delay. Video is a fake

  13. Cristián Varas

    This could be turned into some kind of Bioreactor with yeast colonies in the tank, so there could be a way of keeping the liquid carbonated. It may not be a real perpetuum mobile, but maybe it could be turned into a very simple, scalable and clean reactor based off Boyle's flask.

  14. The Guardian of Truth

    Only if you had a really thin siphon would this work, otherwise you would need a pump

  15. FairyNoob

    I really want to know what happens if you put a non newtonian fluid in the flask and get it going

  16. angel marte

    That is not true, the beer amnt was not even enough to exert any pressure to push the liquid at a higher level than the fla surface on the cup… FAKE!

  17. Jons LG

    "perpetual" until the fizz runs out. Once all the co2 comes out of solution in the form of gas, the motion stops. Fluids without dissolved co2 don't work. So what powers this? Capillary action? Water pressure? Nope. As I just wrote, co2 is powering this.

  18. Jacob Long


  19. Felipe Freitas

    E o motor, onde está?

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