Replica vs. Skin Fish Mounts

Say you land that trophy fish and you want to have a mount to remember the moment. This segment might help you decide how to best preserve that memory.

10 Responses to Replica vs. Skin Fish Mounts

  1. You Tube

    I went to my taxidermist for my trout, He went on to talk me into a replica, and told me it would look better. When I got my fish back it was four inches too short and the head was smaller. I will never go though that again and waste my hard earned money on a replica. If I would have done the skin mount I would have gotten my fish back, and not a smaller one.

  2. Darth Vader

    I never do skin mounts, i will either eat a fish or ill release it safely

  3. Michael Obrien

    You need to watch this high

  4. Goattie McGoat

    I've got a crappie replica mount and couldn't be more happy with it

  5. Caliboi Docken

    Where do we order fish replica blanks so we can paint our own?

  6. Scott Derrickson

    i work at research mannikins in lebanon oregon where we make the fish molds!!

  7. Legendary Skulls

    Great video hope that fish wasn't outta the water to long

  8. Bailee Jane

    this video was nice and calm and very educational

  9. jeremyrmooney

    Great info thanks

  10. yourbudjerry

    What kind of Pontoon is that? Pretty awesome little boat.

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