Raw Food Diet for Dogs – Video 3, Dr. Harvey’s Freeze Dried Raw Pet Food

In late April 2013, we switched our dogs to a partial raw diet. I created a series of short videos sharing what I’ve learned so far. We feed our dogs a raw diet from Darwin’s Pets (Pacific Northwest) in the morning and Halo Purely for Pets kibble, salmon, in the evening. What we learned is that we can swap the kibble for freeze dried or dehydrated food when we were introduced to Dr. Harvey’s pet food.

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3 Responses to Raw Food Diet for Dogs – Video 3, Dr. Harvey’s Freeze Dried Raw Pet Food

  1. J- roc

    Ummm dehydrated meat an chicken,yummy

  2. Kimberly Gauthier

    One thing that works for us is to put the food in a bowl of cool water (funny that you don't use warm or hot water) and it'll thaw in an hour. I was told that the microwave, even on defrost, will kill the nutrients that make the raw diet better for our dogs, but I've used the defrost trick myself too. Since it's not something we do every day, is every now and then going to hurt?

  3. cbtcppq

    We recently started a raw food diet for our dog. We also forget to take tomorrows food from the freezer sometimes. I like your fix to this, the freeze dried approach. Good idea to have some on hand. However, we took a different approach. If we forget to thaw, we place the frozen in this microwave on the defrost setting and in 5 minutes, it's meal time. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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