Raven’s Way: Natural Freeze Dried Chicken with Probiotics


Raven’s Way Freeze Dried Dog Treats are 100% natural, raw, chicken breast with probiotics. These simple ingredients are all 100% sourced and made in the USA, prepared in USDA inspected facilities. Your dog will love these healthy and delicious treats!

– Great for Training
– Resealable bag to maintain freshness
– Very easy to break up treats into smaller pieces
– Sprinke chunks or dust on food to help dogs eat their dinner
– Great for all size dogs, large and small
– Treats are 3rd party tested

Freeze Dried

Freeze drying meat is the best way to provide pure, natural, raw ingredients to pets without the mess associated with most raw diets. Freeze drying locks in valuable nutrients and flavor that dogs can’t resist!


– Helps support proper digestion and bowel health
– Helps maintain gut flora in the digestive tract
– Helps maintain appetite
– Helps maintain natural immunity
– Supports a healthy skin and coat

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