Ralph Peters: Perpetual Beastmode | SUPERcuts! #260

18 Responses to Ralph Peters: Perpetual Beastmode | SUPERcuts! #260

  1. Michael Hurley


  2. VPS102

    Right on! But, they left out one of my faverite Petersisms…see if you can find it in this video…


  3. Patrick Stancil

    Wow he's so old school. Old school is dangerous in 2016. Weaponry is at critical mass. You can't bully everyone anymore when small countries like Pakistan have Nukes.Peters points are great if you are supporting "world bullying" and American Hegemony.Which is outdated and ignorant. If you are striving for a new world narrative, then Trumps suggestions are the gamble that needs to be made. Putin has to align with China and Iran. He has no choice. He doesn't agree with thier ideologies. ITS STRATEGIC . These violent military industrial complex Generals and Lieutenants, are like oncologists. They aren't going to prescribe any other solution but poisoning. Because that's were they make tighter money.

  4. Tien Stanman

    Peters is the quintessential DC scavenger. For all his fervor to kill he has never heard a shot fired in anger. He has pushed government desks all his life. For his entire career he has sucked from the public trough. He is one of those threatened by an outsider like Trump.

  5. F aychel

    gets better every time <3

  6. TermitesRGood1


  7. Jason Stack

    sweet mother of pearl …..my hero !

  8. Jay Jay

    Ralph speaks like The Biggest Pussy ever. he just hide behind Tv and spit hatred which he is paid to do.

  9. dragondog 59

    Ralph's the man.

  10. Coldhands Luke

    Love him or hate him, this guy is awesone.

  11. Chevan Wilson

    This is my favorite video. Trump 2016.

  12. Ashley Beacham

    Ralph Peters for president!

  13. Stevil Reagan

    Lt. Col. Peters – the true voice of America!!

  14. gayle avero

    he the only one with the balls to call it what it is.

  15. Alex Jones did 9/11

    We love Ralph.

  16. Alex Jones did 9/11

    We want to know more about Clintons & Trump and their pedophilia habits.

  17. Chris Dopson

    This man has micropenis.

  18. Joshua Micah

    I'm going to set the audio of this video as my morning alarm clock.

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