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20 Responses to RAIDS PET BORN!

  1. SparcMacLlVE

    Safe assessment to say that team is walking away with quite the juicy split!

  2. AshZwynn - Playz

    fking my ears tim pls

  3. ItsDevlcon

    WOOOO 4m split for everyone! 😀

  4. EARDistortion

    i got 3 whips b2b2b back before EOC.

  5. HashOne Troll

    Fuck SV they got bullied into main clanning by TLP fucking shitters

  6. Alexander Webb

    2:01 RIP

  7. Dwight425

    this guy got 4 whips in 150 kills. i got my first whip at almost 3k kills wtf

  8. Sylvester Pedersen

    the clan PK clips are so fucking pathetic and gay

  9. Under Soil & Dirt

    10k split each for last clip

  10. Jespal Singh

    that last clip was lame serious 15k split probly

  11. Daniel Rodriguez

    my question is where was the guy slaying lizardmen.that looks like canifis lol..i wasn't really active when they released these so correct me if i'm wrong but shouldn't they only be in the canyon?

  12. mindaugux

    another 3k split coming in…nois

    nice 4 whips guy btw

  13. Rocket 97

    did one of those small little guys drop a warhammer????

  14. Ali Mohammad

    10k + kc no dwh 🙁

  15. Roderick Treadaway

    the first song used. DIDDY KONG RACING!

  16. Warlord

    At 1:07 Whats that Scroll looking thing in his Ammo Slot? please Someone Reply would be amazing!

  17. FrostzW0W

    my fish drowned today….can i get 1 like?

  18. Hayden Ashley

    SV = faggot nerds that can't get laid irl so they take their frustration out on the runescape community only then are they ever able to bust their nut.

  19. Wise Young Man

    I need your help to vote for DeviousMOD !

  20. East Side Ese

    fkin hate people who keep repeating same shit over n over….. like fckkk we heard u the first time

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