Ragdoll Cats Try Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Duck – ねこ – ラグドール – Floppycats

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9 Responses to Ragdoll Cats Try Whole Life Pet Freeze Dried Duck – ねこ – ラグドール – Floppycats

  1. wirina holstein

    And Charlie; You need to chew your food, not inhale it. Then you can fit more in your belly!

  2. wirina holstein

    Its been a while since I went by your channel and I didn't know Mr. Charlie wasn't feeling perfectly good. Sounds like you're on top of it though and who wouldn't lose appetite in this heat and humidity. In Denmark we have 22 celcius/ 71.6 fahrenheit and that is more than our animals here can cope with too. Must be crazy where you are in comparison.

  3. Norette Mackler

    Is Charlie eating better now ?
    When you switched them over from dry to wet food did you have to deal with diarrhea for a specific length of time ? And how old were they when you switched them over ?

  4. Matina TheArtOfRolling

    Have you tried keeping the cans in your fridge?
    My cat had also the same problem when the day was too hot.I also add some ice cubes in his water to keep it cool.

  5. Diamondelle84

    Looks like they're more interested in the box. lol

  6. misla

    Do you change their food too much? that can mess up their stomach.

  7. usakiwi5222

    Thanks for clarifying about the dog vs cat treats with Whole Life.  I bought both to see what the difference was, and found none.  So I buy the "dog" treats because the larger pouch is much more cost effective.  You also made me laugh as my cat doesn't know the word "treat" anymore it's now officially "Cheats" in baby talk of course due to your online reviews. Thanks Jenny. lol  ~ Karen, Lake Wales, FL  (formally from Lees Summit – GO CHIEFS)

  8. AbbieJolie

    Glad the Duck was a Success with your boys. The Turkey was a fail with my girls who adore the Chicken.

  9. Nina Love

    Yes I think duck is a cold meat 🙂

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