Ragdoll Cats Chomp Down on Whole Life Pet Treats Chicken Freeze Dried Cat Treats – Floppycats

Buy Whole Life Pet Treats here: http://amzn.to/2AXblwa

A little “cheat” video for you. These are Whole Life Pet Treats, which I have given to Charlie and Trigg for years. They were first recommended to me by a Ragdoll cat breeder who liked that they were 1-ingredient treats – just chicken or just turkey meat freeze-dried. Charlie definitely likes them more than Trigg, but they both get them every day when we come inside. Since they are 1-ingredient, you can feed them to your cats or dogs – so if you have both cats and dogs, you can buy 1 treat for both of them. Since they are freeze-dried, there is usually freeze-dried powder in the bottom of the bag – I use that to sprinkle on top of wet food they are more reluctant to eat – which usually makes them gobble it down.

You can try some here: http://amzn.to/2AXblwa

7 Responses to Ragdoll Cats Chomp Down on Whole Life Pet Treats Chicken Freeze Dried Cat Treats – Floppycats

  1. Angelo Classic

    'Cheat' video, hee,hee, cute. Love watching and listening. Lucilia

  2. Nienke de Lange

    I like to give mine Cosma snackies and Orijen 😀

  3. Gilberto Ayala

    Lol geez Chiggy chew your food!

  4. harpsi8

    I wonder if its kitty to kitty protocol to let the dominate guy eat first.
    Animal psychology is so interesting. Your video stars are always a treat for us humans to watch.
    Rich and Sueway kitty.
    La calif.

  5. CoyoteWildFlower

    My pride is going to get the rabbit treats.

  6. Patti Johnson

    SUCH AN ADORABLE VIDEO, Jenny!!! I need to try these again for Miss PSB as it's been awhile since we tried this and she turned her nose up at them dried and reconstituted with a bit of water. Sigh… Miss Pickybelle. Poor Chiggy chowing down so furiously and then choking it back up. He was SO CUTE trying to fish another treat out of the puzzle box. That GROWL!!! lol Fierce!!! Glad your boys enjoy these so much!! I really will try again with Miss PSB as I lurve that these are just pure muscle meat and nothing else. Big hugs & lots of love! 🙂 <3

  7. harpsi8

    I like giving Sueway kitty, liver ,the tiny lion she is it gets her interested. I will get her some whole life treats to see if she goes on safari to catch the yummy treats. Rich and Sueway kitty
    LA California.

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