Raccoon Taxidermy (part 1)

Whats up every body? This is just a little Raccoon Taxidermy video I threw together for you guys. This is only part 1 of 2 s make sure to click the link to see part 2 where the main mounting process occurs. Thanks for watching!

20 Responses to Raccoon Taxidermy (part 1)

  1. Bianca Faye

    This dude kinda turned me on… What a man

  2. Matthew Mei

    Is borax the only thing you put on. The hide?

  3. Taxidermy Mount

    Hello everyone, very interesting video, cognitive!
    Also you can see Central Europe and Africa on this site https://taxidermyanimal.com

  4. Fresh the God

    Always wondered how it was done, good job

  5. Saber Cyan

    4:29 where do you get the model thingy?

  6. Guilded Wolfhound

    It's pretty weird seeing the process

  7. Varntok Odus

    how did I come across this

  8. Cocky Cash

    "DONT THREAT" ….. HUH?

  9. pepperandbusterrgh official hd presents

    I hate taxidermy animals now!! I find out the truth about it its made of a living aninal

  10. Josh doe

    Wait is the tail skin like a sick kinda like can you put your finger in it and wiggle it around

  11. Sir Kitty

    "We'll start with the D measuremeant…… and it is approximately 22-22, um, 22-22 and a half inches"

    Wow, now that's a big D measurement.

  12. pickle rick

    always found this satisfying for some reason

  13. hfvkhnml

    Hi! Your facial irritation on left cheek is due to your allergy to the detergent you use. You sleep on the pillow with that side of the face. Only use detergent for babies and instead of balsam use baking soda. Thanks for the video!

  14. asesinox1000

    es bórax  o sal lo que le echas a la piel

  15. Matt Hoover

    This is great, thanks! Trying my first skunk soon.

  16. Mike Mathews

    do you use car bond to glue your forms back together, and what point do you inject the toes. sometimes I skin then tan and set aside for a week or so, should I inject right after tanning.

  17. Everything Outdoors MI

    great video, but normally doing a meat measurement is more accurate!

  18. Judy Malinowski

    To process hide for mounting … just washing and borax .. will be enough ?? should I tan it in salt and alum, like rabbit hides ?

  19. Spicy Eli

    How do you get rid of the carcus?

  20. Eric Zielinski

    great video. I'm trying a raccoon shoulder mount first. have you used a McKenzie raccoon taxidermy kit before?

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