Raccoon Preservation Fail | American Stuffers

Daniel forgets a step and now this raccoon is stuck in a strange pose forever!

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13 Responses to Raccoon Preservation Fail | American Stuffers

  1. Elizabeth Chung

    I think that, if these people want to have their pet preserved, that's fine! I understand. Sto quit ranting on it people!

  2. genbabez

    Am I the only one that thinks Daniel is a cutie?!

  3. XPrime1000

    Raccoon? Nope, just Chuck Testa.

  4. Mitch Ross

    Cool Raccoon for a pet.

  5. Amanda McNeil

    People need to calm the frick down. The animal wasn't harmed. It was a pet and the owners just wanted it stuffed and preserved. No different than when ancient Egyptians use to stuff their pet cats and keep them in the household for good luck. People are putting negative energy in a situation that is not illegal nor harmful and overlook the real problems surrounding their city and don't spend time and money for homeless animals. Ignorant complainers.

  6. CodeXANA

    Remember when Animal Planet was good? Yeah it's slipping away for me too.

  7. Jack Bennett

    Mounted in Alaska was way better

  8. SAerror1

    Hahaha who the heck greenlit this thing

  9. JustLiving305

    That akward moment when u stuff a dead animal but then u realize that u made it look like it's having a seizure >.>..

  10. mariz2209

    Its people's choice to do what job they want or of they.want to preserve.pets. ITS LEGAL. if you despise get outta here.

  11. Eden Lee

    Where are the amazing, educational documentaries…? Why can't all the shows on Animal Planet be more like Wild Kingdom and Big Cat Diary. Those are the interesting ones, and are what Animal Planet is known for. Not shitty as shows of people stuffing dead animals. What the hell is wrong with you guys?

  12. Todd Willis

    This is a retarded show!

  13. fuchion15

    What is this….

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