Primal Raw Freeze Dried Cat Food Beef & Salmon Review

This is a review of an All Natural Raw Freeze Dried Cat food, Primal. This is Beef & Salmon Flavor however they make other flavors. Easy to store, easy to use and our older (Senior) cats love it!

Here is a link to the Primal Cat food Beef & Salmon on

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5 Responses to Primal Raw Freeze Dried Cat Food Beef & Salmon Review

  1. Convicted Vapor

    That's not raw

  2. rezuan ramli

    i think adding hot water will destroy some nutrients especially taurine

  3. Caliko kat

    im feeding the rabbit version…they came out with…he wouldnt transition to straight raw rabbit but he likes this,,,,i feed 5 or 6 biscuits a day,,,,he has ibd but this seems to be curing it…over cannned which didnt help…i add a bit of tuna juice sometimes to it… i use 3 tablespoons…i dont use goats milk..

  4. Razz Berry

    how long does that bag last for?

  5. crazy Emanuel

    that's a lot of stuff to make that treat

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