Preserving Gar Skin

Hey guys, here is how I dry and preserve gar hides for use. This one will be going to a knife maker for sheath material. Check him out if you are interested in one. Thanks for watching, and God bless…………J
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20 Responses to Preserving Gar Skin

  1. Jennifer Hawks

    That gar is some tough stuff. I tan salmon skin and it comes out very durable and strong enough for clothing and wallets. Instead of borax, I used egg yolks.

  2. tinkmarshino

    brother watch out!! behind you! that chicken is looking to steal your work! wait did you say salt on a snake skin? I used glycerine well actually antifreeze it is mostly glycerine.. It make the snake skin supple and great for working with..


    How's the meat taste good

  4. Allen Bowie

    Try using a pressure washer! From Lou boo

  5. Noice Guy

    Thanks that was a great help!

  6. Fishing Friends

    very nice video, i'll do the same thing with skin from farmed fish we have.
    Would the skin preserve (for lets say as wall decoration) with only the borax treatment?

  7. Awesome Austin

    When you put your hands up I got tickled thinking about Ricky Bobby. "I don't know what to do with my hands!" Lol, I hadn't thought about that in a while.

  8. Higgs Bonbon

    Holy moly that's strong even raw, the sound it makes while you're scraping it makes me think of tough plastic. What a fish!

  9. Gaia's Pupil

    I got one in borax now. Having trouble hooking anything sizeable lol. I found that my drop rig with braided line works because they get tangled in it. If you don't mind loosing a few inches of line per catch lol.

  10. BigD

    Down in Texas, especially around the Trinity River basing, I've seen Gar come out of that River that were bigger than a Buick! Truly prehistoric looking creatures that some how made it through extension!. I never thought about tanning Gar skin, now that I see it, I want to try it out, I make traditional self bows, and I back some of my bows with Snakeskin, mostly diamondback Rattlers, because they are more plentiful in our region, but I also have used Copperhead skins to back my bows, Copperhead backing is the most sought after, and the prettiest, but its very difficult to find a copperhead that's long enough to cover one limb of a bow. They don't get to big, and I've been known to stop traffic to rescue a nice snakeskin that was a bit slower than the 18 wheeler that took him out! I don't kill snakes to collect the skins, don't feel right about doing that, but its good to have a buddy that does the yearly Rattlesnake Round up, down in the Texas Hill country, I get some monsters from him!. Anyway something I always wanted was a Sturgeon skin to back a bow, I've seen it done and its absolutely beautiful! But we don't get to many Sturgeon down this way, unlike our northern friends, Now that I can't get a good size Gar skin, because I left the great state of Texas and moved to Savannah Ga. They don't have the monster Hat like we do back in Tx, so who wants to swap some dried Fish skins for some dried Snakeskins? I've got to try a fish skin backed bow! Does anyone know where you could purchase fish skins like Sturgeon, gar etc?

  11. Jerry Bee

    That looks easy enough. Animal skins are too much work for us lazy guys, but I could do a gar skin. Thanks for the vid.

  12. DeadBoyHK1

    Do you think that baking soda might do the same as the borax? Or at least close to it? Also, how would you go about collecting and drying the scales? I ask about the scales because I have seen them dried and used as arrow heads before.

  13. Southern Food Junkie

    That is pretty cool. I will check out his channel to see what he makes from it.

  14. Ken P

    I really enjoy your videos please keep them coming.

  15. William TA

    What city are you in

  16. Dana Renfro

    how much did that flesh scraper cost…

  17. Jessica Pabon

    what do you use the gar skin for?? super interesting. I'm living all your homestead videos.

  18. Donna Hayford

    do you know how two make spagetti or no. or rib eye steak or no. also jnull0 have you ever been two disney world or no. also did you get sick from eating poison snake. also jnullo0 can you make a video of your garage or no. or can you take a video do you make chocolate chip cookies or no. or do you make sloppy joes or no.

  19. Larry Buehler

    I just finished skinning a gar for our buddy Rick Wallace. I didn't have any Borax so I used salt to start the drying process after I stapled it to a board, I was able to scrap the biggest part of the meat off the skin but when finished I could still see very small hair like pieces of white membrane on the skin. will this come off after the skin has dried out?

  20. Gray Hackney

    Always love ya vids man keep em coming. Oh yea wheres the gar nuggets lol I will bring the grease lol

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