Preserving Dead Animals In Jars

The process of how I preserved a Northern Short-Tailed Shrew I found dead on a path in the forrest near my place. I ended up naming him Keir (I thought it fit well since the name’s meaning is “Little dark one; swarthy; fort” and/or “Rough wet ground.” He is a wee, dark-coloured little guy who I found on the rough, wet ground, so I thought it fit 🙂

Here are some helpful links/ones I mentioned in the video for any who are interested:

Joji Grey’s YouTube Account:

Helpful/Interesting video on Joji’s collection of preserved animals:

Another helpful video of someone preserving his beloved pet Pink Toed Tarantula after it had passed on:

19 Responses to Preserving Dead Animals In Jars

  1. brandee tresner

    youre seriously the coolest, i dont see any recent videos, so im not sure you even upload anymore, but u rock, i love your videos, and id hella be your friend 🙂

  2. Ferrit Asia

    You should freeze them to keep them fresh instead of getting maggots

  3. AEBowser

    im no expert but shouldn't she of made at least 1 injection?

  4. Sally Adams

    Any updates on how it's holding up?

  5. sam nothin


  6. RETROSTONEY Productions

    your awsome

  7. Javier Cantu

    has any one noticed that it spells alcool not alcohool

  8. Richard Fuchs

    These can still rot from the inside if the alcohol isn't injected into it enough to saturate their insides.

  9. Marius Leaf

    Love it!well done

  10. Quory Wright

    I heard marilyn manson, i liked

  11. Pulled Plug - Earth, & Ether.

    If He/She is a scientist then I'd think she could find a cure for that slur. I think that He/She would also be able to identify what type of rodent she was preserving.

  12. siddu Ji

    yes u did realy good it helps u very one to keep some little animals

  13. BelgyTheSaltyWizard No More Lore

    I hear Marilyn Manson. Fuck Yeah

  14. Riana's Rulez

    to where can I buy alchool?

  15. Kev :3

    The way they pronounced alcohol is going to kill me

  16. Seabreeze Digs

    Sounds like a female Mike Tyson.

  17. Mees Bouwman

    if you want to prevent to let the Northern Short-Tailed Shrew rot from inside out you have to inject him with alcohol with a hypodermic needle

  18. Felipe Kenzi

    u can use formalin

  19. boscoitalics

    i want to do this for my pet mouse, he passed away yesterday 🙁 and i can not bare to put him in the ground 🙁 he was just the sweetest mouse

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