Preserving a dead reptile!!!

So this was my first clutch ever. pin x normal. one of my baby didnt make it do to the umbilical cord wrapping around its body. I gave it to my friend since he collection dead reptiles and didnt want it to go to waste.

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  1. Sue Middle

    can i have 5 likes for my poor bearded dragon who pass away do to my cat trying to eat him?

  2. nhcrydragon

    spiders don't really have to be preserved. you can pin them out and put them in a box with mothballs. thats what i do anyways with spiders and insect and other crawlies

  3. Petey The Python

    I have no idea why, but I thought he was bringing them back to life.

  4. Cephalone

    Make sure it's 70% isopropyl alcohol or under. The specimen will last longer, and won't lose color as fast due to bleaching.

  5. Paylos Tsigkas

    how many years can be maintained?

  6. Ssnakelady88

    I'm trying to do the same thing and my snake keeps floating in the alcohol, how do you prevent this?

  7. Stephon Hernandez

    Why would you wana preserve it???

  8. Emery Aranda

    It is physically impossible to kill something that is already dead.

  9. Abdallah Mahmoud

    Would this work for perserving like a fish eggsack?

  10. madisoncastillo98

    Do you kill them? Or do you do that after they die ?

  11. Reptile Nexus

    Do you leave them in a jar of alcohol or can you take it out and display it?
    I was just planning on leaving the animal in a jar.

  12. Kristie B

    do people buy other peoples dead pets

  13. Yemaya McLaury

    It looks asome that's why -.-

  14. nick link a dick

    Y wouldnt u just throw them out wen they die?? Not to be mean cuz i have a normal ball python but y preserve them? Wat does it do??

  15. Giannhs kanenas Kanenas

    after the first time the % alcohol is the same and to another times????

  16. Billy Joe Ortiz

    this happened to me as well…a lesser spider of mine pass out the same way

  17. bcbarkercreations

    Thank you, good to know.

  18. TK Reptiles

    so he freezes them first and then puts them perserves them?

  19. bcbarkercreations

    Great video. What kind of alcohol do you use and do you have to freeze them?

  20. Reptile Nexus

    I am going to start any babies that don't make it and preserving them.
    Sounds like you can still make some cash off the dead ones. Haha.

    How does he ship them?

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