Preserved Pets Reviews, Moreno Valley

Honest video review of the service of Pet Preservation and freeze drying we received from Preserved Pets of Moreno Valley, Ca. Results may vary and other people may get or may have gotten differing results, but this reflects what our experience was. We only reviewed the business based on the results we received.

*****Reviewers should be able to show proof of receipt, and picture and video documentation to verify their review is legitimate.

2 Responses to Preserved Pets Reviews, Moreno Valley

  1. Janine C

    First and foremost, your rabbit was beautiful before the freeze drying and I am so sorry for what happened to you rabbit. I want to thank you for your honest review and would have never seen it if I didn't click the "unrecommended reviews" in Yelp. I recently had to let my dog go due to cancer and he was my doggy soul mate. I am currently looking for a freeze dying studio to have him done and was wondering if you have any recommendations. You mentioned that you called many studios and I was just hoping if one or two in particular stood out for you. Thanks again and sorry for your loss.

  2. Blake Rempe

    I'm hearing that freeze drying only gets rid of the moisture but the oils in the fat stay there and they all leak oil.

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