Preserved bugs and small animals

These are some of the items that can be found on my website Also we have jewelry(necklaces, earings, gauges, and rings)

11 Responses to Preserved bugs and small animals

  1. Chicken

    I have a resin scorpion

  2. Jerome Bullard

    We just has miscarriage can we do this with our fetus? Want to make key chain

  3. James s

    Should do this with live animals

  4. GoGuMa

    I made like that with resin and silicon mold. But it has a layer of resin at side of block….. And a lot of air bubbles are leak from their dead body….

  5. Khaalid Scurry

    Why the turtle…

  6. Aisyle Gnouy

    I want to do this for my pet rat when he dies. How would this work? Do I have to remove organs? Replace the blood with Glycerol? How do I prevent pesticides from forming?

  7. Dennis Ivan Chavez

    Won't they rot?

  8. Pavarisa Lasudee

    I think flower .. It's much better to make Resin …..//mini bug or animal love it life also … live it…

  9. mani Raz

    what about dead human beings ?????????

  10. Michelle Landry

    I want to do this with small snakes, ect… do you have to remove any organs or do other prep before encasing? where do you find your molds?

  11. ShiaNaturesFearie

    Did you kill them or did you find them when they were dead? I think you killed them because a similar question was posted a year ago and you never answered…. If you killed them, that's sick.

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