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Exploring the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool at Balmorhea State Park. Dedicated to the preservation of all State and National parks that will thrive if we get outside and go adventuring in them.

Spring-fed pool, desert of west texas, restored wetland, endangered comanche springs pupfish, headwater catfish, mexican tetra fish, and lots of swimming!

The Miracle Makers
by Benji Jackson
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Alec in WILDerland
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19 Responses to Preservation

  1. travelman868

    There is a smaller version in Morocco at a place called Source Blue close to the Sahara

  2. Daniel Parker

    In Cave Spring, Ga. there is a spring fed pool with a beach. The water comes pouring out of a cave that one can explore as well for a small fee. People come from miles around to gather the delicious limestone cleansed water at the source. Too date, no one has been able to figure out how much water is pouring from the spring.

  3. TheodoreJay

    Would be great fun to see you again this summer 2017 !!!!!

  4. Carlos Gerardo Garcia Oropeza

    is a beautiful video.

  5. Dylan Van Tosh

    Alec this video is so awesome and amazing your videos are so uplifting ans cool and I have learned survival tips and many fun facts you are awesome Alec

  6. pexto

    Nice video.

  7. xcando math

    i REALLLLLY think ten years from NOW i still come HERE and wonder what a MAGIC Alec is able to do with practically nothing : ALEC YOU R GRRRRREAT 😀 😀

  8. Richard Curry

    I have been scuba diving there and a wonderful place to swim and scuba.  If you have not been there, it is truely worth the drive.

  9. Charles Sanford

    Hats off to your cinematographer!!! Fantastic!!

  10. stragulp

    nice, you don't waste your time in a Mc Donald or playing ps3. Now i'm sure, wildlife has some chance to survive because there are guys like you with a big passion for the Nature. 

  11. a.m Alghamdi

    Alec You are amazing. and I never seen one who have two kind man and girl, the girl beauty and brave more than men. i love u alec    

  12. L.M. Pacard

    Can't wait to see part 2

  13. 1oldnhip2

    Awesome, as always, Alec!!  This one is unique in many ways…but my favorite is how you demonstrated a love for the creatures around you and they so readily picked up on it and gave you love back.  Way to go Alec!!!

  14. seminolewar

    I grew up in Florida swimming in many of the freshwater springs like this.  They are really amazing and should be preserved.  Thank you for educating people. 

  15. Mickey Cook

    Have a cousin who went to school out that way, have to drive out there and check it out. I'm guessing thats some kind of catfish I see.

  16. Sue Rostvold

    I've been there and jumped off that diving board many times. Such a cool place, not many people seem to know about it. Nice video Alec!

  17. etphoneme2plz

    GREAT job!!! That is our favorite place to vacation!!! My daughter  wants to be a marine biologist and LOVES all the fish!!

  18. Spacekat Tommy

    Dude, this is so sweet!!! I'm seriously envious right now. Jumping in a pool like that is prosauce!!!

    Is the AIW group gonna get an Alec QnA?

  19. Depre Zord

    few people care for the environment and is a beautiful gift we continue to keep us this planet that is our home and life without nature can not continue (you give an excellent example of all ecosystems and the aces excellent luck brother)

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