Preservation of my dog’s remains (9th year after his death)

He was my favorite dog, I loved him very much. His name was Jayson, my neighbor/uncle poisoned him. I refused to get rid of him. My dad burnt my dog’s corpse but I recovered some of the bones that remained unharmed and decided to keep them. The memories I had with him, I wanted to keep him forever. And who knows? One day he could be cloned, seeing how science has advanced. People call me weird for this, but it’s even weirder to keep human ashes which don’t even contain their DNA any longer (I find cremation disrespectful for it) 🙂 Overall, this makes me happy.

What I have used to preserve it for 9 years:

1) Isopropyl alcohol
2) A glass jar with tight closure to make sure no oxygen comes in. Oxygen makes it so it deteriorates faster.
3) Clean it up every year or when the liquid begins to have an appearance of reddish/orange.

2 Responses to Preservation of my dog’s remains (9th year after his death)

  1. csknives2140

    I would bully you for you silly SJW comment and ignorance to true facts but it appears you have enough problems already.

  2. reyrey breezy

    this is really sad imo not trynna be disrespectful with it but this legitimately makes me sad but hey if dking this makes you happy m8 who am I to judge

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