Plumping the Prepper Weenies AKA Hot Dogs

People keep askin’ how about them dried weenies. Well here’s yer anser.

20 Responses to Plumping the Prepper Weenies AKA Hot Dogs

  1. Thru Ellen

    Wish you two wouldn't talk over each other.

  2. Havilah Gets Healthy

    You ladies crack me up…I'd love to hang out with you!

  3. JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com

    Thank you for sharing….and for saying "stuff hits the fan" instead of the not so nice word.      

  4. HillbillyPrepperGals

    LOL I'll get a recent video of him up soon. Our puppy has grown a little LOL

  5. dynodish

    I'd hate to see what his daddy looks like. You could ride him to town when the SHTF.

  6. HillbillyPrepperGals

    LOL He's still a growing puppy. 🙂

  7. dynodish

    That dog is huge!

  8. HillbillyPrepperGals

    LOL Yeah that's about what he would be saying LOL

  9. HillbillyPrepperGals

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Aubrey Stanley

    I really adore you girls. Keep up these excellent videos.

  11. HillbillyPrepperGals

    a long time. They need to be the better beef hotdogs too. I know it was at least 12 hours and it took lots of patting with paper towels too.

  12. Groovin' Chick

    HOw long did you dehydrate the hot dogs?

  13. freakygeaktwo

    if it's anything like the onions and don't smell like old socks or rotting potatoes I'll like it 😀 but thanks for the heads up 🙂

  14. HillbillyPrepperGals

    Oh just wait till ya do the garlic. That is guaranteed to keep all Sissy Sues out the house LOL

  15. freakygeaktwo

    aw shoot there goes the bargain hunting bug it died from shock 😛 I got myself a dehydrator and the first thing I'm drying out is onions :O and I'm just starting to smell what I was foretold of. :/

  16. HillbillyPrepperGals

    LOL it don't work no better when they are on sale they just taste better when you get em on sale LOL. Yep, that's my little fluffapuppalous. lol

  17. HillbillyPrepperGals

    Thanks. I was watching one of your videos the other day on the little seed rack. Looks like the place is coming along very nicely.

  18. Off Grid Living - NW

    Thank you for all the laughs you give me… your titles alone are priceless.. which makes the info you share stick.

  19. freakygeaktwo

    so it works better when you get them on sale ? 😀 wow you got a golden pony in your house. great update lady's thank you.

  20. HillbillyPrepperGals

    Thanks for watching 😉

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