Playing With Wolves in Florida

Playing With Wolves and Learning about wolf conservation at Seacrest Wolf Preserve in Chipley, Florida

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20 Responses to Playing With Wolves in Florida

  1. WaterTypeWolf

    What place is that

  2. IRIS

    It's a big dog. LOL

  3. Archangel Michael

    From all predator animals wolves are the ones I fear least

  4. Tamahagane

    Dogs are just wolves Canis lupus familiaris meaning friendly wolf so it stands to reason that the first wolves who came in contact with us were just as friendly as dogs now

  5. Felix King

    love your vids bro you handle this well i'd be crapping meself around them things lmao

  6. Zhao Yun

    So awesome !

  7. R. Patrick OBrien

    This guy needs to be in radio…He has an awesome voice!

  8. Uwe B

    Great video, nice wolves fox and the others!

  9. Renan Quarterback 7

    Wolves are the most beautiful animals on earth!

  10. Nutritious Pugs


  11. Lori Wolfcat

    It's so weird that they're So friendly. I mean, to the owners it makes sense, but them trusting All humans, that's odd, but cool for us.

  12. Haze Rise

    I miss my baby…

  13. Flaming X

    these wolves are so CUTE! I wish I could visit the sanctuary! I NEED TO MEET THEM! Hm…time to beg my parents

  14. Urban Dictionary 'Martina' McRockinbooty

    Lovely lovely lovely!!

  15. laelah dixon

    Jon you are amazing and I thank you because I pray for wolf's all around the world every night I wish I could come back in Florida someday because I was born there and moved to Conway I wanna say take good care of those animals Jon

  16. laelah dixon

    I was born in Florida but know I'm living in Conway I always dreamed of meeting a wolf

  17. Indira Pal

    To much cute-
    News:somebody got killed by this vid- awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  18. same old nothing

    One word: jelly. But I plan on taking my family here next year(fingers crossed)! Nice video by the way!

  19. Martin Pastorek

    He looks Like the bubble chocolate xd

  20. Jeff Au

    2:222:24 is the blue shirt guy married and does he have kids?

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