Pet Cemeteries: Preserving the Memories of Your Pets

Honoring the memory of a loved one at the cemetery isn’t just a ritual reserved for humans. At the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park and Crematorium, pets can have the same dignified treatment, if not more.

Since 1928, more than 40,000 pets have had a special place at this Calabasas-based pet cemetery.

As KCET Departures’ Hadley Meares writes, “many of the graves seem to be lovingly tended with much greater frequency than the human ones I usually encounter.”

The facility also has a special mausoleum and crematorium for those who wish to choose from a variety of funeral rituals.

In this “SoCal Connected” segment, KCET’s Jennifer Sabih takes a closer look at the nation’s second largest pet cemetery.

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4 Responses to Pet Cemeteries: Preserving the Memories of Your Pets

  1. Roxanna Lopez

    My best friend died on Summer 1998. She was born on middle or late October 1991. She was an awesome Dog. Someone Poisoned my Dog on purpose. And my Dad wanted to reported. But my Mom said not to reported. I just started crying because she was really my best friend. I will never forget her. I went to PetsMart Store and they where having some Dogs for Adoption. And I swear to God. I saw one of the Adoption Puppies. And it was a 1 year old Puppy or Dog. This 1 year old Puppy or Dog. Looks exactly like my Dog Sunshine. That was her name. And I almost started to cry inside that Store. Because I miss my best friend soo much. I wish my Dog Sunshine was buried at a Pets Cemetery like that. But my Dad's friend buried my Dog Sunshine somewhere at a place where there's like looks like dry field. And I did told my Dad that did my Dads friend ever remembers where he buried my my best friend at?? But he didn't remember anymore. But if he remembers I swear I would go visit my best friend. I know that she is Dead. But she will always be my best friend. R.I.P. Sunshine 1991-1998.

  2. Marcus Johnson

    yes. the good idea. a wood pet urn factory in China

  3. Fuck ur feelings

    I like this idea, when I move I have to leave all my pets buried in the backyard. Here u can always visit. An animal lover understands that they r just like your children, the grief runs just as deep.

  4. Matt Robert

    i have cats and dogs in ct 06360 kit by cars 1/2 way home make old for pets in yard and in woods on hall 1991 to 2011 cars not stop pets will be kit

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