Perpetual Tradition #6

5 Responses to Perpetual Tradition #6

  1. Mary Norton

    I have a daughter to him! I just love her!!!!

  2. luis arnaldo gonzalez hernandez

    Amazing, very beatiful this horse!!!

  3. gowestqh

    I would like to thank you for you kind word on a very sad day for me. I unfortunately today i lost my beautiful horse in mind and spirit. He was laid to rest on my farm today. I am glad that you enjoy your son by Tradition he produce some great babies!

  4. gowestqh

    This is my horse and it is okay if people don't like him. It would be nice to keep the nasty comments out but if people choose to have no class i can't do anything about that. He is a good boy with a great mind and i love having him! Thanks for you kind words!

  5. Stepan Kapl

    Absolutely beautiful horse. Embodiment of equine power.

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